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Casting or block foundation repairs


If you have cracks or discoloured areas in your foundation, it’s always better to call in professionals who have experience with these types of foundation repairs & water infiltration. A healthy, well-maintained foundation is vital to the safety of your home.


So the question is, how do you recognize if a problem could turn into something more serious? There are certain elements to look for inside and outside of your foundation and basement that should be inspected by a licensed professional contractor who knows everything about foundation repair and water infiltration:


– Fissures on the exterior of your foundation. Exterior fissures lead to leaks and they get worse over time.


– Moisture or mould problems. A musty smell in a basement, or visible signs of mould, can indicate that the waterproofing membranes that cover the interior and exterior of the foundation have been compromised. The problem will only continue to grow if the waterproofing materials are not changed.


– Any foundation wall area that appears to be crumbling. Crumbling concrete is no longer sufficiently strong to resist hydrostatic pressure from the exterior. In addition, crumbling concrete is a safety threat to the entire structural integrity of the building.


– Interior fissures in wallboard and drywall—these may have developed on the exterior and extended to the interior. They may also reflect a weakening of the concrete foundation due to expansion and contraction from temperature extremes, or shifting of the foundation fill. Once moisture has progressed through the foundation walls, it moves to the interior building materials and will manifest itself in cracks and leaks.


– Water spots near baseboards or on the ceiling. This type of leak can indicate a leak in the foundation between the basement footings and the foundation wall, or between the foundation wall and the basement wall. In either situation, moisture can accumulate inside the foundation.


– Changes in the basement floor level. Any area that seems to be sinking where it wasn’t before or any floor that seems to be sloping is symptomatic of a more significant problem with the basement floor slab. A problem with the slab will affect the nearby walls and footings, as they are all interrelated.


DG Fissure is a professional waterproofing company. We have many years of experience in executing foundation repair and water infiltration problems throughout Gatineau and the Ottawa-Gatineau Area. As a foundation repair and water infiltration company, we will promptly identify a serious problem in any building’s foundation and offer an effective, economical and long-lasting solution. Our professionally licensed experts use the latest technology and materials to help diagnose and repair foundation fissures. Call us today for a no obligation inspection and estimate.