When there are cracks in your foundation, you must take all necessary measures to repair them. If the cracks are taken lightly, serious problems could be caused. There could be destabilization of your structure, infiltrated water, rot and mildew in the walls, moisture and swelling of the pyrite. These cracks can not only cause damage to your home, but they are also very harmful to your well-being. If you do not intervene, you could develop respiratory diseases and very serious health problems.

Before Proceeding

If a crack appears in your foundation, you must take the time to analyze it carefully in order to repair it properly. First, we must observe the crack, the size and depth of the crack. Then, a diagnosis must be made of why there is a crack. Then, the crack must be repaired both inside and outside.

Methods to Repair a Crack

In order to repair a crack, there are several useful techniques. A careful analysis of the repair to be carried out is sufficient to choose the ideal method for your situation.

  • High-pressure injection: a method that consists of inserting the liquid on the crack in a very narrow way with a very high pressure. This approach is made from inside the house. 
  • Waterproofing for crack sealing: a method that requires the use of an excavator since it is sometimes mandatory to dig. This process is done from outside the foundation.
  • Filling cracks by low-pressure injection:  a method that consists of integrating the product with a very low pressure in a narrow way. This is done from inside the house.

As soon as you see a crack appear, you should not take the situation lightly. You must act quickly!